Historia del Tango
       An extraordinary collection of the history of tango since its beginnings, around 1870, to date. This collection is made up of twenty 120 cm x 120 cm oils on canvas. These paintings depict the great personalities of tango and the suburbs, the facilities of those times and their bohemia.

Aníbal Troilo
One of the best tango bandoneon
players in Argentina.


Café de los Angelitos
Located in the city of Buenos Aires,
it was usually attended by Carlos Gardel
and the great tango poets of the
early XX century.


It includes the features, history and culture of those times, which are also depicted in each art work of this collection, together with the certificate of authenticity, signed by the tango plastic artist, muralist and historian Valentino Santilli.

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Tango is culture

The UNESCO declared tango as a
"Masterpiece of the oral and tangible heritage of humanity"