Our studio is an atelier where Valentino Santilli, tango plastic artist, muralist and historian, shapes the tango art in all his artistic expressions. They are reflected in his paintings, murals, serigraphies and reproductions of his original art works.

His collaborators are Oscar Brassat and Alejandro Santilli. The former is his marchand , who is available for any inquiry on technical information or sale of the works. The latter, art curator Alejandro Santilli, is his capacity as representative, manages and administers the studio. He will answer your questions about importation, exportation and sale of art works.

This is the team you have chosen to decorate and embellish your home or office. We are very pleased to satisfy your needs.

CUIT (Individual Tax Identification Code) No.: 20-14927091-5
VAT Registered taxpayer
Gross income No. 901-972294-5
Pension & Retirement Fund No. 5337145

Customs classification of original oil paintings: No. 97011.000.110
Customs classification of reproductions, stamped paintings, prints, paintings with texts:
No. 49011.000.190
Customs classification of original numbered serigraphies bearing the author's signature: Nº 97020.000.100